B – Jaguar Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

This glossary was compiled by Don B at jaguarforums.com and is reproduced here
with his permission.

B Bank = Cylinders 2, 4, 6 or 2, 4, 6, 8; Bank 2; LH Bank
B+ = Battery Positive Voltage, Vbat
B-Pillar = B-Post, narrow structure that connects roof to body behind the front door
B-Post = B-Pillar, narrow structure that connects roof to body behind the front door
Backlight = Rear windscreen/windshield
Badge = Emblem, Medallion; brand, as in Daimler or Vanden Plas
Ballast Resistor = A device that limits the amount of current in an electric circuit
Bank 1 = A Bank; RH Engine cylinder bank (cylinders 1, 3, 5, 7)
Bank 2 = B Bank; LH Engine cylinder bank (cylinders 2, 4, 6, 8)
Bar = Unit of pressure; 1 bar = 100,000 Pa or = 14.5 psi
BAR = Beyond All Repair (see FUBAR)
BARO = Barometric Pressure Sensor
BAT = Battery
BBC = Before Bottom Center, Before Bottom Dead Center (BBDC)
BBDC = Before Bottom Dead Center, Before Bottom Center (BBC)
BBL = Barrel, or orifice, as in 1BBL, 2BBL or 4BBL carburetor
BBS = Germany-based manufacturer of some OE Jaguar wheels
BC = Bottom Center, Bottom Dead Center (BDC)
BDC = Bottom Dead Center, Bottom Center (BC)
Bellows = Tube suggesting a bellows in form, as seen in air intakes, cruise control actuators, etc.
Bezel = A mount, holder or decorative trim for a gauge, lamp, air vent, shifter, switch, door handle, etc.
BFH = Big F**king Hammer, a bashing tool used to “persuade” a stuck part
BHP = Brake Horsepower, Engine power measured by the resistance of an applied brake
Bimetallic Strip = Band of two dissimilar metals bonded together that bends when heated or cooled
Bimetallic Switch = A thermal switch based on the movement of a bimetallic strip, such as an
BIPM = Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, Int’l Bureau of Weights and Measures (IBWM)
Bitumen = Asphalt, sticky black liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum used in insulating materials
Bitumen Board = Black weatherproof board with high bitumen content used in Jaguar interiors
Bearing = Machine part that constrains relative movement and reduces friction between moving parts
BL = British Leyland, (BLMC) result of 1968 merger of British Motor Corp. and Leyland Motor Corp.
Black Box = Flight Data Recorder, data recorder built into ECM (first introduced on X-Type)
BLMC = British Leyland Motor Corporation, result of 1968 merger of BMC and LMC (w.s.)
Bluetooth = International short-range radio standard to replace cables between electronic components
BMC = British Motor Corporation; result of 1952 merger of Austin and Morris
BMH = British Motor Holdings, result of 1966 merger of Jaguar with British Motor Corp. (w.s.)
Bodge = Botch, make a mess of
Body Stripe = Coach Line, Pin Stripe
Boot = Gaiter, a covering of rubber, plastic, or leather that protects against dust & other contamination
Boot = Trunk
Bolster = Trim panel or finishing panel (see Knee bolster, Scuttle, Underscuttle)
Bonnet = Hood
Bolt = An externally-threaded headed fastener used in conjunction with a nut. (see Screw)
Bore Wash = Cylinder Wash (w.s.)
Botch = Bodge, make a mess of
Bottle Cap = Castellated retainer for Jaguar axle castle nuts that resembles a Coke- or beer bottle cap
Bottom Dead Center = Position of piston when it is closest to crankshaft
Box End Wrench or Box Wrench = Ring Spanner
BPM = Body Processor Module, Body Processor Unit (BPU, CPU on XJ40 and earlier cars )
BPMISO = Body Processor Module ISO bus
BPP = Brake Pedal Position, Brake Pedal Position Switch or Sensor
BPU = Body Processor Unit, Body Processor Module
Breaking Capacity = Current at which a fuse melts; Imax, Interrupting Rating, Short-Circuit Rating
British Imperial = System of measurement units: Inch, Foot, Yard, Mile, Quart, Gallon, Pound (SAE)
British Leyland = (BL), result of 1968 merger of BMC and LMC (w.s.)
British Motor Corp. = (BMC), merged with Jaguar in 1966 to form BMH (w.s.)
British Motor Holdings = (BMH), result of 1966 merger of Jaguar with BMC (w.s.)
British Standard Whitworth = Imperial unit-based thread measurement standard
Brooklands = Twin-aeroscreen arrangement on early Jaguar racing cars
Browns Lane = Post-WWII Jaguar factory in Allesley, Coventry, England
Brush Nylon = Headliner fabric used on Jaguars from 1971 to present
BSD = Blind Spot Detection
BT = Bluetooth
BTC = Before Top Center, Before Top Dead Center (BTDC)
BTDC = Before Top Dead Center, Before Top Center (BTC)
BTU = British Thermal Unit
BTW = “By the way” (OBTW)
BSA = Birmingham Small Arms Co., from whom Jaguar acquired Daimler Co. Ltd. in 1960
Bulkhead = Firewall
Bump = A forum message intended to move a thread to the front page to keep it active
BUS, Communications = A circuit for communication among electronic modules
BUS, Ground/Earth/Common = A common circuit to which multiple components connect
Bush/Bushing, Metal, Ceramic or Plastic = A plain Bearing with no moving parts
Bush/Bushing, Rubber = A vibration isolator, flexible mounting or antivibration mounting
Butterfly Valve = Circular plate in the throttle body that controls flow of intake air