C – Jaguar Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

This glossary was compiled by Don B at jaguarforums.com and is reproduced here
with his permission.

C = Carbon, Cold, degrees Centigrade/Celsius
C = Coupe or Coupé, as in XJ12C
C-Pillar = C-Post, structure that connects roof to body behind the rear door
C-Post = C-Pillar, structure that connects roof to body behind the rear door
C-Type = Jaguar racing car produced 1951-53, Le Mans winner 1951 & 1953 (also called XK120-C)
CAAT = Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers
CAD = Computer Aided Design
Cadmium = Chemical element Cd, used as a corrosion-resistant coating on Jaguar fasteners & hardware
CAF = Current Air Flow
CAFÉ = Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards mandated by the U.S. government
Callum, Ian = Jaguar Design Director from 1999, responsible for X350, XK (2006), XF, XJ (2010)
Cam Cover = Protective cap on overhead-cam (OHC) engine, see Valve Cover
CAN = Controller Area Network, Bosch-designed comm. protocol (see CAN ISO 15765)
CAN ISO 15765 = Bosch protocol required on all U.S. cars from 2008 (see CAN, ISO 15765 CAN)
Capacitor = Condensor, device that can store electric charge and block DC
Car Park = Parking Lot
Carb = Carburetor, Carburator, Carburettor, Caburetter
CARB = California Air Resources Board, establishes standards that impact automakers worldwide
Castle Bromwich = Birmingham, U.K. factory where Jaguar XF, XJ, XK and F-Type are assembled
Castle Nut = Nut with castellated notches on top for alignment with a Cotter Pin hole in axle or shaft
Castellated Retainer = “Bottle Cap,” retainer for Jaguar axle castle nuts that resembles a beer bottle cap
CAT = Catalytic Converter, Catalyst
Catalytic Converter = Catalyst (CAT)
Catalyst = Catalytic Converter or its active element (e.g. Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium) (CAT)
CATS = Computer Active Technology Suspension system (Jaguar adaptation of Wabco ECAS)
CBS = Crankcase Breathing System (EBS)
CC = Climate Control or Cruise Control (SC, Speed Control)
cc = cubic centimeter, (cm³), 1/1000 Liter/Litre, 1 cc = 1 ml, a unit of volume or displacement
CCA = Cold Cranking Amperes
CCM = Climate Control Module (A/C CM, A/C ECU, ATC, ATCM, CC ECU)
CCM = Carbon-Ceramic Matrix brakes
CCMCAN = Climate Control Module CAN communications bus
CC ECU = Climate Control Electronic Control Module (A/C CM, A/C ECU, ATC, ATCM CCM)
CCRG = Critical Concerns Review Group, JLR committee that investigates potential recalls (see FRG)
CCV = Coolant Control Valve (DCCV, DCFV, HCV, HWCV, HV, WV)
CCV = Canister Close Valve, EVAP Canister Close Valve
CD = Compact Disc, or in reference to a carburetor, constant depression
CDC = Compact Disc Changer
CDL = Central Door Locking
CDMA = Code Division Multiple Access mobile telephony protocol (see GSM)
CEI = Constant-Energy Ignition, Lucas ignition system employed on Jaguar V12 engines (LCEI)
CEL = Check Engine Light or Lamp (EML, MIL, SEL, SES)
Celstran = Celanese brand of LFRT Polypropylene used in many modern Jaguar components
CFC = Chlorofluorocarbon, such as R-12 refrigerant (see HFC)
cfm or CFM = Cubic Feet Per Minute
CGI = Compacted Graphite Iron (used in 2.7L diesel engine block)
Channellock Pliers = Water pump pliers, slip-joint pliers, tongue-and-groove pliers
Cheers = To wish someone well, thanks, or a formal salutation
CHT = Cylinder Head Temperature
CID = Cubic Inch Displacement, 1 Liter =61.0237 cubic inches
CIP = Cold Inflation Pressure
Circlip = Notched circular flat spring-steel retainer to fit in a slot around a shaft, clevis pin, etc.
CJB = Central Junction Box
CJLR = Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Company Ltd. based in Changshu, China
CKP = Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS, CPS) (Jaguar adopted the acronym CKPS from X300 on)
CKPS = Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP, CPS) (Prior to X300 Jaguar used the acronym CKP)
CL = Closed Loop, ECM controlling fueling in reaction to O2S feedback (see OL)
Clevis Pin = Headed metal dowel fastener with a hole for a Cotter Pin or slot for a Circlip on the end
Clockspring = Device that carries electrical signals to steering wheel components (e.g.airbag, switches)
Closed Loop = ECM controlling fueling in reaction to O2S feedback (CL) (see OL)
CM = Control Module
cm³ = cubic centimeter (cc), 1/1000 Liter/Litre, 1 cc = 1 ml, a unit of volume or displacement
CMM = Column Memory & Mirror Control Module
CMP = Camshaft Position Sensor (CMPS)
CMP 1 / A = Camshaft Position Sensor 1 / A / RH Bank
CMP 2 / B = Camshaft Position Sensor 2 / B / LH Bank
CMPS = Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP)
CMS = Catalyst Monitor Sensor
CO = Carbon Monoxide
CO Meter = Carbon Monoxide Meter
CO2 = Carbon Dioxide
Coach Line = Pin Stripe, Body Stripe
Coast = Freewheel
Code = Diagnostic Trouble Code or Fault Code
Coil-on-Plug = Each spark plug is fitted with its own ignition coil (COP, On-Plug Ignition Coil)
Common = Circuit to which multiple components connect, Ground/Earth circuit
COMP = Compass
Condenser = Front A/C heat exchanger in which gaseous refrigerant condenses to liquid, releasing heat
Condensor = Capacitor, device that can store electric charge and block DC
Connecting Rod End = Tie Rod End, Track Rod End (steering)
Connellize, Connellizing = misspellings of Connollize, Connollizing
Connollize, Connollizing = Process of colouring or re-colouring leather, named for Connolly Leather
Convertible = Drophead
COP = Coil-on-Plug Electronic Ignition (On-Plug Ignition Coil)
Core Plug = Freeze Plug
Cotter Pin = Split Pin
Cotton Bud = Cotton swab, Q-tip
Cotton Swab = Cotton Bud, Q-tip
Counter-clockwise = anti-clockwise
Coupe or Coupé = A passenger car, traditionally with two doors, but we now see “four door coupes”
Coventry = England headquarters of Jaguar Cars and now Jaguar Land Rover
Cowl = Trim or finisher at base of windshield/rear of hood, steering column finisher, a scuttle
CPCM =Cellular Phone Control Module (CPM)
CPM = Cellular Phone Module (CPCM)
Cps = Cycles-per-second, Hertz 1 cps = 1 Hz
CPS = Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP, CKPS)
CPU = Central Processing Unit (BPM on X300 and later ???? )
CPV = Canister Purge Valve, Evaporative Emissions Canister Purge Valve (EECPV)
Crank Pulley Damper = Crankshaft Damper, Harmonic Balancer or Damper, Vibration Damper
Crankshaft Damper = Crank Pulley Damper, Harmonic Balancer or Damper, Vibration Damper
CRLP = Current Run Line Position
Crocodile Clip = Alligator Clip
Crosshead Screwdriver = Phillips Screwdriver
Crossmember = Subframe
Crown Wheel = Ring Gear
Cruise Control = Speed Control
CSA = Canada Standards Association
CSI = Cold Start Injector
CSTS = Cold Start Thermotime Switch
CT = Closed Throttle or Coolant Temperature, Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT)
CTA VCT = BorgWarner Cam Torque Actuated Variable Camshaft Timing system
CTP = Current Throttle Position or Closed Throttle Position
CTS = Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT)
CTS = Charge Temperature Sensor (ACT, IAT, IATS, MAT, MCT, VAT)
C-Type = Jaguar racing car produced 1951-53, Le Mans winner 1951 & 1953 (also called XK120-C)
Cubby Box = Glove Box or Glove Compartment
Curb = Kerb
Curb Side = Side nearest the curb for a RHD car, farthest from the curb for a LHD car
Current, Electric = Rate of flow of electric charge in a circuit (Ampere, Amp) see Voltage
CUV = Crossover Utility Vehicle (see F-Pace)
CV Joint = Constant-velocity joint
Cycles-per-second = Unit of frequency, (Hertz, Hz), 1 cps = 1 Hz
Cyl = Cylinder
Cylinder Wash, Washing, Washdown = Loss of compression due to fuel washing oil from the cylinder
C-X17 = Crossover Utility Vehicle concept on which the Jaguar F-Pace CUV is based (X761)