HNC-5502-CA-PR XJ8 Mesh Grille Insert Instructions

Installation instructions for XJ8 mesh grille inserts
Associated Parts: HNC-5502-CA-PR
Vehicle: Jaguar XJ8 (1998 to 2003)

Step 1: Unclip Vane Assemblies #

Unclip the vane assemblies, prying in a downward motion with a plat bladed screwdriver between the top of the wane and the grille surround openings. Be careful to not mar the grille surround face.

Step 2: Remove Vane Assembly #

Pull the vane assembly forward and upwards to remove.

Step 3: Install Mesh Inserts #

Install the mesh inserts by inserting lower alignment tabs into corresponding slows in lower portion of grille surround openings.

Step 4: Secure Top with Screws #

Secure top of the grille mesh inserts by inserting the Phillips screws through the top screw holes on face of meth and into the holes of corresponding tabs of grille surround.