F – Jaguar Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

This glossary was compiled by Don B at jaguarforums.com and is reproduced here
with his permission

F = Force; degrees Fahrenheit
Facelift = Superficial changes to a current model (see also Redesign)
Facia = Facia Panel, Dash Panel, Dashboard
Facia Panel = Facia, Dash Panel, Dashboard
Fault Code = Diagnostic Trouble Code or “Code”
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
FCC = Federal Communications Commission (U.S.)
FEA = Finite Element Analysis, computer study of how a material or design will perform under stress
FEAD = Front End Accessory Drive belt
Fender = Wing
Fender Skirts = Spats
FEM = Front Electronic Module, Front Electronic Control Module
FETM = Front Entertainment Control Module, Front Seat Entertainment Control Module
FFH = Fuel Fired Heater
FHC = Fixed-head coupe, hardtop 2-door coupe with non-removable roof
FI = Fuel Injector or Fuel Injection, petrol injection (PI), see EFI, MFI
Fibremod = LGF polypropylene plastic used in F-Type IP and airbag chute (see Borealis & Borouge)
Final Drive = Mechanism that changes power transmission direction 90 degrees (Pinion & Ring Gear)
Final Drive Ratio = Number of engine rotations for each wheel rotation in a given transmission gear
Firewall = Bulkhead
FIS = Fuel Injection Strategy
FIPC = Fuel Injection Primary Control
FISC = Fuel Injection Secondary Control
Fixed-Head Coupe = Hardtop 2-door coupe (FHC)
Flashlight = Torch
Flat Battery = Dead Battery
Fleece = Lambswool, as used in OE and aftermarket Jaguar rugs or overmats
Flex Disc = (Flexible Coupling, Giubo, Jurid) as incorporated in many Jaguar driveshafts/propshafts
Flex Plate = Connects engine output to torque converter input on car with auto trans (see Flywheel)
Flexible Coupling = Flex Disc, Giubo or Jurid as incorporated in many Jaguar driveshafts/propshafts
Flight Data Recorder = Black Box, data recorder built into ECM (first introduced on X-Type)
FLS = Fuel Level Sensor
Flyover = Overpass
Flywheel = Connects engine output to clutch on car with manual transmission (see Flex Plate)
FMEM = Failure Mode Effect Management (TCM maintains maximum function in the event of a fault)
FMFR = Fuel Mass Flow Rate, Adaptive Fuel Mass Flow Rate
FMVSS = Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (U.S.)
FOB = The security and locking remote control portion of an automotive key
Foot-Pounds = Unit of torque (ft.lbs., ft·lb, lb.ft., lb·ft, Pound-Feet, Nm, N·m, Newton-metre)
Ford = Ford Motor Company, owner of Jaguar Motorcars 1989-2008, OEM of many Jaguar parts
F-Pace = Jaguar’s upcoming Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV)
FP = Fuel Pump
FPaid = Front Parking Aid
FPCV = Fuel Pressure Control Valve
FPDB = Front Power Distribution Box, Front Power Distribution Fuse Box
FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator or Fuel Pump Relay
FPS = Fuel Pressure Sensor
Freeway = Autobahn, Highway, Interstate, Main Road, Motorway, Parkway
Freewheel = Coast
Freeze Plug = Core Plug
Freon = Registered trademark of DuPont applied to R-12 refrigerant used in older A/C systems
FRG = Field Review Group, JLR internal committee that reviews potential recalls per CCRG (w.s.)
FRP = Fuel Rail Pressure or Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor
FSU = Fuel Supply Unit
FTP = Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
FT = Fuel Trim, Fuel Temperature
ft. lb. or ft·lb = Foot-pounds, unit of torque (lb.ft., lb·ft., Pound-Feet, Nm, N·m, Newton-metre)
FTLT= Fuel Trim Long Term
FTS = Fuel Temperature Sensor (EFT, EFTS)
FTST = Fuel Trim Short Term (STFT, SHRTFT)
F-Type = Jaguar sports car range produced from 2013
FUBAR = F**ked Up Beyond All Repair (see BAR)
Fuel Wash = Cylinder Wash
Furflex = Moquette-covered rubber piping or U-channel clip-on edge trim or “draught excluder”
Fuse = Current-sensitive device that melts under current overload to protect other circuit components
FVCV = Fuel Volume Control Valve
FWD = Front Wheel Drive (see RWD)