J – Jaguar Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

This glossary was compiled by Don B at jaguarforums.com and is reproduced here
with his permission

JADE = Jaguar Alive Driving Experience
JAG = Jaguar Association Germany
JagNet = Vehicle Emergency Messaging System (VEMS)
JaguarSport = Joint venture between Jaguar and TWR to create the XJ40 XJR models
JaguarVoice = Voice Activated Control system, see VAC, VACM
JCCT = Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania
JCNA = Jaguar Clubs of North America
JDC = JaguarDrive Control, Jaguar Driver’s Club
JDCA = Jaguar Driver’s Club of Australia
JDCSA = Jaguar Driver’s Club of South Australia
JDHT = Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust
JDS = Jaguar Diagnostic System
JGM = J-Gate Module, gear selector module
JDS = JaguarDrive Selector
JIL = Jaguar Innovation Lab, fictional laboratory featured in Jaguar television commercials
j/k = Just kidding
JLR = Jaguar Land Rover
JLRA = Jaguar Land Rover Australia
JOBD = Japan On Board Diagnostics, a version of OBDII for vehicles sold in Japan
JOC = Jaguar Owners Club
JPCS = Jaguar Pedestrian Contact Sensing
JPDA = Jaguar Performance Driving Academy
JSS = Jaguar Sequential Shift
JTB = Jaguar Technical Bulletin (TSB)
JTIS = Jaguar Technician Information System, computer-based Workshop Service Manuals
JTRS = Jaguar Tyre Repair System
Jubilee Clamp or Clip = Worm-drive hose clamp, generic term derived from U.K.-based Jag OEM Jubilee
Jump = Jump Start, Boost
Jump Leads = Jumper Cables, Booster Cables
Jump Start = Boost, to supplement a dead/flat battery by connecting to the battery of another vehicle
Jumper Cables = Jump Leads, Booster Cables
Jurid = Flexible Coupling, Flex Disc, Giubo; named for the early manufacturer Jurid Werke (w.s.)