P – Jaguar Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

This glossary was compiled by Don B at jaguarforums.com and is reproduced here
with his permission

P = Park
Pa = Pascal or Pascals
PACM = Parking Aid Control Module (PAM)
PAD = Passenger Airbag Deactivation (lamp)
PADi = Passenger Airbag Deactivation indicator lamp, PAD lamp
PAG = Polyalkylene Glycol (oil), a principal lubricant for air conditioning compressors
PAM = Parking Aid Module (PACM)
Paraffin = Kerosene
Parking Brake = Hand Brake, Handbrake, Emergency Brake
Parking Lot = Car Park
Parkway = Autobahn, Freeway, Highway, Interstate, Main Road, Motorway
PAS = Parking Aid System, Power-Assisted Steering (PS)
PASCM = Power-Assisted Steering Control Module (Servotronic, Servotronic 2, VAPS)
Pascal = (Pa), Unit of pressure, one newton per square metre; 1 Pa = 0.00001 bar or = 0.000145 psi
Passenger Side = Off Side (PS, OS), see Driver’s Side
PATS = Passive Anti-Theft System
PB or P/B = Power Brakes, Power-assisted Brakes (PAS)
PBA = Panic Brake Assist
PBM = Parking Brake Module (EPB)
PCB = Printed Circuit Board
PCM = Powertrain Control Module (ECM, ECU)
PCMISO = Powertrain Control Module ISO bus
PCMPTEC = Powertrain Control Module, Security (PATS), Throttle Electronics Module
PCSS = Pedestrian Contact Sensing System
PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PDBS = Pedestrian Deployable Bonnet System
PDC = Park Distance Control, Park Distance Control Sensor
PDI = Pre-Delivery Inspection (performed by Jaguar dealer)
PDM = Passenger Door Control Module
PDU = Portable Diagnostic Unit, a Jaguar dealer-level diagnostic tool (see IDS, SDD, WDS)
PDWA Valve = Pressure Differential Warning Actuator valve, activates brake pressure warning lamp
PECUS = Programmable Electronic Control Units (market specific ECU variants)
Petrol = Petroleum Spirit, Fuel, Gasoline
Phillips Screwdriver = Crosshead Screwdriver
PHM = Passenger Head Restraint Module
Photochromaic = Misspelling of Photochromic
Photochromatic = Misspelling of Photochromic
Photochromic = Rearview mirror that auto-dims in response to ambient light (see Electrochromic)
PI = Petrol injection, fuel injection, radio Program Identification
Pico = Powerful automotive diagnostics system from Pico Technology
PID = Parameter ID
PIN = Personal Identification Number
Pinpoint Diagnostic = Measurement of a specific conductor or circuit (e.g. voltage, resistance, short)
Pin Stripe = Coach Line, Body Stripe
PJB = Passenger Junction Box
PKE = Passive Keyless Entry
Plinth = A supporting device, such as a bumper plinth or number plate plinth, a mount
PM = Particulate Matter, Private Message or Private Mail Message
PN or P/N = Part Number
PN or P-N = Park Neutral Switch (PNP, PNS)
PNP = Park-Neutral Position, Park-Neutral Position Switch
PNS = Park-Neutral Switch (PN, P-N, PNP, PNS)
PO = Previous Owner of one’s Jaguar
Poly Bush = Suspension bushing made with polyurethane for reduced flex and increased durability
Porcelain Enamel = Vitreous Enamel: fused powdered-glass coating on some Jaguar exhaust manifolds
POS = Position, “Piece of S**t”
Post Cat = Mounted after the Catalytic Converter (Downstream) (see Pre Cat)
Pound = lb., unit of weight, 1 pound = 0.453592 kilogram
Pound-Feet = Unit of torque (ft.lbs., ft·lb, lb.ft., lb·ft, Foot-Pounds, Nm, N·m, Newton-metre)
Powr-Lok = Dana/Spicer heavy-duty Limited Slip Differential used in some Jaguars
Pozidrive = Crosshead screw similar to Phillips designed to reduce slipping of the screwdriver
PPS = Pedal Position Sensor
PPTY = Priority Program Type (see PTY)
PRDM = Passenger Rear Door Control Module; Passenger Side Rear Door Module
PRV = Pressure Retaining Valve
Pre Cat = Mounted before the Catalytic Converter (Upstream) (see Post Cat)
Pre-ignition = Ignition of air-fuel mixture prior to spark plug firing (see Detonation, Misfire, Knock)
Prince of Darkness, The = Nickname for Lucas Industries based on perceived lack of reliability
Prise = Pry
Propeller Shaft = Propshaft, Driveshaft
Propshaft = Propeller Shaft, Driveshaft
Potentiometer = Potentio Meter, 3-terminal variable resistor used as voltage divider, volume control, etc.
Proud = Raised, stands above surrounding surface, “To stand proud of…”
Pounds-per-square-inch = (psi or p.s.i.), unit of pressure; 1 psi = 0.0689475729 bar or 6894.75729 Pa
ppm = Parts-per-million
PRV = Pressure Relief Valve (part of air spring/shock absorber assembly)
Pry = Prise
PS = Power-Assisted Steering (PAS), or Passenger Side (w.s.)
psi or p.s.i. = Pounds-per-square-inch, unit of pressure; 1 psi = 0.0689475729 bar or 6894.75729 Pa
PSE = Phone Support Equipment
PSM = Passenger Side Module; Passenger Seat Control Module
pt. = Pint
PTC = Positive Temperature Coefficient fluid temperature sensor (in some transmissions)
PTEC or PTec = Engine Management System by Visteon used on 2000-02 S-Type 3.0L & 4.0L
PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene, a high-molecular-weight plastic known by the brand name Teflon
PTU = Portable Test Unit (e.g. an IDS, WDS or SDD computer system)
PTY = Program Type (see PPTY)
PTY31-ALARM = Radio broadcast emergency alert message that overrides regular programming
Pulsewidth = Duration of signal to open fuel injector, controlled by ECM (IPD, On Time, Pulse Width)
Pulse Width = Duration of signal to open fuel injector, controlled by ECM (IPD, On Time, Pulsewidth)
PWM = Pulse Width Modulation, Pulse Width Modulated
PWR = Power-to-Weight Ratio, horsepower-per-pound, see WPR