MJA-2170-BD-K Urethane Shock Mount Kit Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for Urethane Shock Mount Kit
Associated Parts: MJA-2170-BD-K
Vehicle: Jaguar XK8

1) Remove old shock mount assembly from your XK8
2) Using a 3/16” drill bit, drill out the rivets of the shock plate, and
remove the old rubber bushings
3) Prepare shock plates by removing any old material stuck to them,
and clean the surface
4) Lubricate shock plates with a silicone based lubricant (important
that it is not petroleum based)
5) Place both small urethane bushings in the center of mount
6) Place shock plate on top of bushings
7) Install new washers and bolts, making sure to tighten evenly until
bushings are compressed
8) When compressed, install new rivets
9) Remove nuts and washers
10) Install large urethane bushing and shock mount top cover
11) Re-install shock mount on vehicle