S – Jaguar Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms

This glossary was compiled by Don B at jaguarforums.com and is reproduced here
with his permission

S-Type (Classic) = Jaguar saloon produced 1963-68
S-Type (Modern) = (X200-206) 1999-2008 Saloon on Ford DEW98 platform (Lincoln LS/Ford Thunderbird)
SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers, establishes standards such as motor oil grades, OBDII port
SAE J1850 PWM = Ford Motor Company OBDII standard, pulse-width modulation, 41.6 kB/s
SAE Measurement Units = System based in part on British Imperial units: Inch, Foot, Yard, Mile
SAI = Secondary Air Injection
SAIRC = Secondary Air Injection Check Valve (AIRC)
SAIP = Secondary Air Injection Pump (AIRP)
Saloon = A full-size passenger car, a Sedan
SAS = Secondary Air Status
Sat Nav = Satellite Navigation (GPS) (see NAV, NCM)
Sayer, Malcolm = Aerodynamicist and designer of Jaguar C-, D- and E-Types and XJ-S
SC = Speed Control (CC, Cruise Control)
SC or S/C = Supercharger, Supercharged engine (as opposed to Normally Aspirated or N/A)
SCLM = Steering Column Lock Module or Security and Locking Control Module (SLM)
Scope = Shorthand for oscilloscope, endoscope, the graphic display of a live data scanner, etc.
SCP = Standard Corporate Protocol Network
Screen = Windscreen/Windshield
Screw = Externally-threaded headed fastener that threads into the material it will hold (see Bolt)
SCU = Starter Control Unit
Scuttle = Trim panel or finishing panel (see Cowl, Knee bolster, Underscuttle)
SDC = Soft Door Close
SDD = Ford/JLR System-Driven Diagnostics, computer-based diag. system (see IDS, PDU, WDS)
SE = Special Equipment version of XK120 (M in the U.S.)
Seat Back = Squab, the upright portion of the seat
Security Torx = Torx screw with a cylinder centered in the internal lobes requiring a special bit
Sedan = A full-size passenger car, a Saloon
SEFI = Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection (SFI)
SEL = Service Engine Lamp (CEL, EML, MIL, SES)
Sender = A transducer that produces an electric signal that varies with fuel level, oil pressure, etc.
Sensor Ring = Reluctor, sensor rotor, trigger wheel
Sensor Rotor = Reluctor, sensor ring, trigger wheel
Servo = Servomechanism, augments the force of other mechanisms, such as a brake or clutch servo
Servotronic, Servotronic 2 = ZF-Bosch Speed-sensitive variable ratio electronic steering rack system
SES = Service Engine Soon lamp (CEL, EML, MIL, SEL)
Set screw = Allen screw, Grub screw
SFI = Sequential Fuel Injection (SEFI), Stratified Fuel Injection System
Shakeproof Washer = Toothed Lock Washer (Internal or External Teeth), Star Washer (External Teeth)
Shim = Thin metal spacer, made in precise thicknesses for adjusting the free play of moving parts
Shock = Shock Absorber, Damper
Shock Absorber = Damper
Shooting-brake = Estate Car, Station Wagon
Shop, Repair Shop = Garage
Short-Circuit Rating = Current at which a fuse melts; Imax, Breaking Capacity, Interrupting Rating
Shoulder (of road) = Verge (of road)
SHRTFT = Short Term Fuel Trim (FTST, STFT)
SI = Le Système International d’Unités, International System of Units (ISU)
Side Curtains = Removable side windows
Sideshaft = Half-shaft, Half-axle, connects differential, transaxle or transfer case/box to wheel
Signals = Turn Signals, Indicators, Direction Indicators (DI)
Silencer = Muffler
Sill = Rocker Panel
Sill Plate = Tread Plate, sill finisher
SIM = Subscriber Identity Module, telephone SIM card
Sir William Lyons = Known as “Mr. Jaguar,” co-founded Jaguar Cars with William Walmsley
SIS = Side Impact Sensor
Slip Road = On/Entrance Ramp or Off/Exit Ramp, a short road for joining or leaving a freeway
SLM = Security Locking Module; Security and Locking Control Module (SLCM)
SLS = Self-Leveling Suspension
Smog = Contraction of Smoke and Fog; air pollution, often consisting of smoke, fog and chemical fumes
SMOG Sensor = Automatically closes HVAC recirculation flap when CO, HC or NOx fumes detected
SMS = Short Message Service, telephone text messaging
SOHC = Single Overhead Camshaft (see OHC)
Solenoid = Mechanism that converts electricity, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure into physical motion
SORN = Statutory Off Road Notice, filed to avoid paying vehicle tax while a car is out of use (U.K.)
Sovereign = Jaguar saloon with upgraded trim compared to Base model
**** Nuts = Panel-mounted threaded fasteners made by RB&W (w.s.)
Spanner = Wrench
Spark Plug Cables or Wires = High Tension Leads
Spats = Fender Skirts
Speed Control = Cruise Control
Speed Nut = Spire Nut, Clip-on Nut
Speedo = Speedometer, Speed Meter, Velocimeter, Velocity Meter
Spire Nut = Speed Nut, Clip-on Nut
SPL = Sound Pressure Level
Split Pin = Cotter Pin
SportBrake = Proposed Jaguar sporty shooting brake/station wagon based on current XJ
Spring Washer = Lock Washer, Helical Spring Lock Washer
Sprocket = Timing chain gear
SPS = Seat Position Sensor
Squab = Seat Back, the upright portion of the seat
SRS = Supplementary Restraint System
SS Cars Ltd. = Standard Swallow Car company, renamed Jaguar Cars Ltd. in 1945
SS90 = SS Cars Ltd. “SS Jaguar” sports car produced in 1935, predecessor to the SS100
SS100 = SS Cars Ltd. “SS Jaguar” sports car produced 1936-40, successor to the SS90
SSP = Switched System Power
STAI = Short Term Adaptive Idle (see also LTAI)
Stabilizer Bar = Anti-sway Bar, Anti-roll Bar, Sway Bar, Torsion Bar
Star = Torx fastener, trademarked screw head design with 6 internal or external lobes or points; 6lobe
Star Washer = External Toothed Lock Washer, Shakeproof Washer
Starter Gear = Ring Gear on flywheel or flex plate
Station Wagon = Estate Car, Shooting-brake
Steering Knuckle = Vertical Link, suspension component that locates front stub axle
STI = Short Term Idle adaptation (see LTI)
Stick = A manual transmission or a vehicle with a manually-shifted transmission
STFT = Short Term Fuel Trim (FTST, SHRTFT)
Stoic = Stoichiometric AFR (Lambda)
Stoichiometric AFR = Ideal fuel mixture with just enough oxygen to burn all the fuel (Lambda, Stoic)
STP = Standard Temperature and Pressure, (0 deg. C/32 deg. F at 1 atm/14.7 psi/1.01325 bar)
Straight Six = Inline six-cylinder engine (I6)
STR = Stored Throttle Position (see alternate meaning)
STR or ST-R = S-type R, the supercharged S-type
STS = Seatbelt Tension Sensor, Service Technicians Society
Stub Axle = Short axle for non-powered wheel, such as the front wheels of a RWD vehicle
Stubby Screwdriver = Dumpy Screwdriver, short screwdriver
Stud = Wheel stud; or a fastener with two threaded ends, one screwed in place, one used with a nut.
S-Type (Classic) = Jaguar saloon produced 1963-68
S-Type (Modern) = (X200-206) 1999-2008 Saloon on Ford DEW98 platform (Lincoln LS/Ford Thunderbird)
Subframe = Crossmember
Sump = Oil Pan
Sundym = Non-exclusive trademark of Triplex Safety Glass Co. Ltd., now used by Pilkington
Sunroof = A movable roof panel that opens to the air; often also used in reference to a Moonroof (w.s.)
Swallow Sidecar Company = Founded in 1922, became SS Cars Ltd. in 1934, Jaguar Cars Ltd. in 1945
Swapover Valve = On vehicles with two fuel tanks, this valve selects which tank supplies the engine
SWAS = Steering Wheel Angle Sensor
Sway Bar = Anti-sway bar, anti-roll bar, torsion bar
SWB = Short Wheel Base (see LWB, WB)
Swing Link = Double U-joint that permits a more acute steering column bend angle